Cashless Catering

Cashless Catering

The process for using the system is simple: 

The pupil’s account is pre-loaded with funds, using one of the methods below. They then pay for their food using either their PIN (this is the first four digits of their print code) or, if registered, the fingertip recognition scanner at the till. As added security, on entering their PIN or scanning their thumb, their school photograph appears on the till to enable the till operators to confirm the correct account is being charged. The cost of the goods is then taken from the pre-loaded amount and the balance remaining is available for use on their next visit. Pupils can check their balances using the revaluation unit; instructions are on the front of the machine.  

There are three ways to top-up accounts:

  1. Online using the Tucasi payments system (as currently used for school visits). Please select the ‘School Meals’ option -  this facility is available 24/7. If you have not previously used this system please email the Finance Office at for a ‘link code.’ Online payments can be accessed via the School website at
  2. By cash in school using the ‘Revaluation’ machine located outside the Dining Hall. Instructions for use are printed on the machine; however, staff in the Finance Office will be available if further assistance is required. Cash can be loaded before morning registration or at the end of the school day. The revaluation unit is also available for use during break and lunch; however, it can get very busy during these times -  pre-loading for the following day is recommended. There is no facility on the revaluation unit to give change so please send in the exact amount to be loaded.
  3. By cheque, payable to Chartwells. Please write your child’s name and ‘school meals’ on the back. These should be handed in at the Finance Office. Please be aware that as these need to be processed manually, it can take up to 24 hours for the funds to be credited to the account.

We have set a maximum daily spend allowance of £5 for all pupils. Should you wish this to be changed please email and advise the daily maximum allowance you prefer. This will be strictly adhered to; if pupils try to exceed it they will be refused. 

Pupils in receipt of free school meals have a daily allowance of £2.60 and use the PIN or fingertip scanner at the till (as described above) to ‘pay’ for their lunch. Should you wish your child to spend more than £2.60 you can pay the excess by topping up their account, in advance, using one of the payment methods detailed above. Please be aware that the maximum daily spend allowance is set to £5, meaning pupils can use their free school meal allowance and spend a further £2.40 per day from the money you have put on their account. If you wish this to be changed please contact Mr Helbrow. If you do not top-up their account their maximum spend will be capped at £2.60.

If you require further information regarding the cashless catering system please contact Martin Helbrow on 01759 302395 or by email.

Thank you.


Lower School Contact (Years 7, 8 & 9)  - Mr S Butcher - 07790 351283

Upper School Contact (Years 10 & 11) - Mrs C Wright - 07790 351281

Sixth Form Contact (Years 12 & 13) - Mrs R Bourne - 07790 351276

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