The internet can be an amazing place allowing us to communicate with lots of different people and helping us to learn new things, however, not everything experienced online is positive. In line with guidance from several social media sites, we recommend that pupils in Lower School do not have their own personal online account, but use a family account. For all online accounts, we recommend that parental controls are used to block upsetting or harmful content, control in-app purchases and manage how long is spent online. In order to stay safe online we recommend you follow our tips below:

  • Lock down your Facebook page so your profile is only shown to your friends - not their friends too and certainly not the whole world! Check your privacy settings regularly because Facebook often updates them.
  • If you don’t know someone on Facebook or other media websites, don’t be tempted to accept their Friend request.
  • Don’t post anything anywhere on the internet unless you want the world to see it, particularly if it’s something private. Once you’ve uploaded something, you cannot be certain that only the person you’ve sent it to will see it.
  • Never give out your personal information or agree to meet someone in person unless your parents have said it’s safe and it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious-looking links. If something looks strange to you, check with a parent or teacher first. If your friend has sent you a message but it looks weird, or isn’t something they’d usually say, check with them before you open it. It could be that someone is using their account to send messages which could be infected with something nasty.
  • Always log out! Make sure you don’t leave any account open when you go away from your computer, phone or other device.
  • If it doesn’t look right, speak up! If you think something is suspicious or if you see something upsetting online, tell a parent or teacher, or report it to the website you’re trying to use.


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