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School season bus passes 2017/18 academic year terms and conditions.

Bus passes are available for use on home to school transport contracted by the School.  They can only be offered where there are spare unallocated seats available on the vehicle.

School season passes issued under this scheme can be used for travel on the service stated on the season pass but not any other service. 

Children will be allowed to travel on production of a valid season pass, which must be shown to the driver on boarding the bus and to any authorised person on request.  You must make sure your child carries their pass at all times otherwise they may be refused travel.

School season passes are issued subject to these terms and conditions and remain the property of the School.  Lost or damaged school season passes may be replaced upon payment of an administration fee of £10 and the surrender of the damaged one.  The School will consider each application on its merits and reserves the right not to issue replacements.

We are committed to safety and acceptable behaviour on school transport for the benefit of all passengers.  Non-compliance with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Buswise behaviour guide may lead to withdrawal of the school season pass without recompense.  Reports by bus operators, Woldgate School staff and others may be used in determining action to be taken to address pupil behaviour.

If there are spare seats available we may issue a season pass for one-way only travel.  Should the seat be required by a pupil wishing to travel both to and from Woldgate School the one-way travel pass may be withdrawn.  In this circumstance, two weeks’ notice will be given and a reimbursement made for any unexpired portion of the pass.

Where a child received a school season pass, there is no guarantee that a pass will be available in future academic years.

General information

School season passes will be issued annually for use until the end date stated on the pass.

The cost of a school season pass reflects a contribution to the value of the transport provided and for the 2017/18 academic year are:

School season passes issued in the autumn term - £570

School season passes issued in the spring term - £380

School season passes issued in the summer term - £190

Where a child joins Woldgate midway through a term we will apply a pro-rata charge.  Please contact Woldgate School for details of this.

Payment Schedule

Payment for an annual school season pass issued in the autumn term can be made in full or alternatively payment can be made following the schedule below;  

Latest payment date                     Amount

31 July 2017                                        £80

30 September 2017                          £70

31 October 2017                               £70

30 November 2017                           £70

31 December 2018                           £70

31 January 2018                                £70

28 February 2018                              £70

31 March 2018                                   £70

If the above schedule is chosen and we do not receive payment within 7 days of the above dates we reserve the right to withdraw the season pass, at this point responsibility for transporting the pupil or student to and from school will rest with the parents, however, daily passes costing £2.00 per each one-way trip can be bought from the school office. The season pass will be returned when ALL over-due instalments are received in full.

Any default, amounting to two or more months, or persistent failure (paying late on 5 or more occasions) to pay on the above dates will lead to future access to this payment plan being withdrawn, wherein payment in full will have to be made at the time of application.


Payment can be made by cash or cheque at the school finance office or online using the Tucasi system which can be accessed via the School website. Unfortunately the online payments system is not available, to pay the initial deposit, to pupils transferring from Year 6, however, it will be made available during September.

Season passes issued for the spring or summer term must be paid for in full at the time of application.

Cheques should be made payable to “Woldgate School”

Refunds will not normally be made except in extenuating circumstances (e.g. moving home; prolonged illness). Any application for a refund must be made in writing, marked for the attention of the Head of Finance, to the address below.  If a refund is agreed the amount will be calculated from the date of the pass being surrendered to the Finance Office.

Completed application forms can be emailed to finance@woldgate.net however, bus passes will only be issued on receipt of a signed paper application form and the first payment, these should be returned in an envelope clearly marked with ‘Bus Pass Application’ and the child’s name, to the address below.

Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for applications lost in the post.

Contact information:

Email                       finance@woldgate.net

Telephone           01759 302395 – option 5 for the finance office


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